Our dream country: Teens, children speak on Nigeria at 57

By Funmi Falobi

Children across the country are looking forward to a nation where their dreams can be realized. This was the feedback from cross-section of Nigerian children who bared their minds on the nation’s 57th independence celebration.

Speaking with sdnonline.net, Agholor Success said she wants to see a Nigeria where the children and the youth will be given opportunity to display their talents without limitation. “I want the government to give us chance to showcase our skills. Nigerian government should empower us and help us learn various skills acquisition that will help us to be useful to the society which will prevent us from joining bad company. I want to see an improved Nigeria”, she said.

Bolu Akinwale on her own want the government to make education less stressful for Nigerians. ” Education is very stressful in Nigeria. I want the government to look into the issue of post UTME examinations by the tertiary institutions. A situation where examinations is not uniform is not fair on the students especially the brilliant ones,” she said.  According to Akinwale, the youths should also be given the opportunity to attain political leadership position in Nigeria. “The youth and teens should be built up and allow to be leaders to make Nigeria great. Many are leaving the country to study abroad and work there. If our nation encourages the youth, they will not prefer to study and live in foreign nations, but would want to do what they can to contribute to development of Nigeria. We pray for good leaders in the nation. We need creative leaders, our leaders should help us and give us opportunity so that we can develop our nation,” she said.

On his part, Ayomide Babatunde want to see a nation where there is improved standard of living. “I want Nigeria to be better. Government should do more in the area of education and improve the standard of living of the citizens. Many are living in poverty and this affects children greatly,” he said.

“I want the Nigerian government to ensure better and affordable education for us. I want to see an improved economy where the naira will be higher than the dollar,” said Michael Okoro.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have been urged to imbibe the attitude of appreciations and thanksgiving to God instead of lamentation in order to witness a turnaround for better in the country.

Speaking on the topic entitled, ”The Power of Praise,” in commemoration of this year’s celebration, which also was also the Thanksgiving Sunday in many churches across the country,   Assistant Pastor, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Lagos Province 25, Area 10, Demola Ojo said in spite what the nation is facing, God will deliver Nigeria from its adversities and make it great among comity of nations, if as a people, we can praise God.

“God can deliver us from whatever Nigeria is experiencing if we form the habit of praising Him. If we imbibe the act of praises in Nigeria, God will also fight the battle of this nation. There are people holding this nation at jugular but if we praise God, He will silence them,” he said.

Reading from the book of 2Chronicles 20:20-24, he said if God could fight for the Israelites and the people of Judah, God will also deliver Nigeria. “God inhabits the praises of His people; He will arise and defend us. The economy will be buoyant and things will turn around for everyone of us,” he said.

“Whenever any person praises the Almighty, miracles happen. Praising God guarantees victory. When a person has an attitude of appreciation, God will always defend that person.  Praise guarantees opened doors.  When the Israelites praised God, He granted them victory. He will also give us victory when we form the habit of praising Him”, he said.


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