International Girl Child Day: CEE-HOPE launches female football club

By SDNonline

In commemorating 2021 International Girl Child Day, CEE-HOPE has launched its female football club called Carol Queens.

The first set of the team was drawn from communities across Lagos State with age range from 13-18years.
The organisation also launched its docu-drama entitled “Rape of Justice.”

According to the Executive Director, Betty Abah, the initiative is a way of inspiring the girls to believe in themselves.

“I believe there will be very big international stars from the team. I enjoin other girls who are strong and have stamina to join us instead of using their energy to beat their younger ones or fight in the neighborhood,” she said.

The team coach, Kudirat Kilani also encouraged the girls not to allow failure to hinder them but see it as a stepping stone in achieving their objective in life.

At the event which had in attendance girls from various schools, different speakers addressed the girls on the theme of this year’s commemoration, “Digital Generation. Our Generation.”

Telling the story of his daughter, who despite not making university entry examinations twice but with determination succeeded and now work in a reputable organisation, Lekan Otufodunrin, Executive Director, Media Career Development Network urged the girls to be determined and not allow anything to limit them.

He said, “gender is not a barrier. Be determined to achieve your goals. Read the people you want to be like. Be digital savvy and apply caution where necessary. Gender is not a limitation.”

On her part, Mrs. Mbanisi Sophy charged the girls to have role model and the fear of God which will make them to go places.

Abah explained that girls anywhere in the world matter and that they are the most endangered species. Adding, girls deserve care and their needs are not like others.

“Girls are like eggs they can be easily damaged. We work with children in marginalized communities.

No child deserves to be left behind. Everyone should see themselves as stakeholders when it comes to the girl child,” she said.

In bridging the gap for girls in the area of science and technology, she stated that though the stereotype is still there but the perception is changing in career gradually.

Other speakers include Anike-Ade Funke Treasure, Yinka Kenny, Rhoda Olorunfemi, Oluebube James and Amaka Nneji.

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