Russia-Ukraine War: Parents happy to receive daughter

By Funmi Falobi

The ongoing Russia/Ukraine war is already having its toll on citizens and foreign nationals in Ukraine. The hostilities associated with the crisis is a growing concern as it is impacting the socio-economic life of the citizens and countries with nationals are already evacuating their citizens in order to save them from falling victims of the fatalities that is associated with war. The situation is also now causing humanitarian issues as lives and property are being destroyed and people are being displaced.

Nigeria has joined the rest of the world to evacuate her citizens while some individuals were able to facilitate their own escape from the war torn region.

“The experience has not been a palatable one but I thank God I arrived safely.” These were the words of Wuraola Mustapha, a medical student in Ukraine who arrived Nigeria on Monday, January 7, 2022.

Recounting how she was able to leave the war zone, she noted it was a scary experience even as she was assisted through the night amidst the hostilities to cross over into Hungary from where she was granted access to connect Lagos. “We travelled through the night by train through the region where there was shooting and bombing” she said, speaking to
“We were told to put off our phones so we don’t attract attention. It was not a palatable experience” she added.

View Wuraola’s video @

It was therefore a moment of joy for Mr Bolaji and Mrs. Olushola Mustapha when they received their daughter, Wuraola, at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.

Due to the ongoing Russia/Ukraine war, her studies was put on hold and like every other citizen, her safe return to Nigeria became paramount to her parents

“I couldn’t sleep, I think of my daughter all the time. I have to watch television all the time to get information about happenings in Ukraine” Mrs Mustapha recalled. “Today , I am happy to see my daughter,” she said.

Russia invasion of Ukraine has halted every activity including education. Ukraine is home to many foreign students but with the ongoing war, the safety of nationals becomes imperative.

View Wuraola’s video @

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