-By Sanmi Falobi These are indeed times of uncertainties as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on. When shall things normalise? Next month, in two months, six months? Some projections estimate that we shall continue to deal with the diversity of COVID-19 pandemic well into 2021. Suddenly, our year 2020 projections and goals are on ‘lockdown’ due … Continue reading LOCKDOWN BLUES: SOME THINGS LEARNT AND NOT LEARNT

COVID-19 coverage: Survey shows poor safety of journalists

By sdnonline Journalists covering the Covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria have said they lack sufficient protection and are not adequately catered for. The journalists disclosed this in a survey conducted by a group of media and civil society groups between April 27 and May  1,  2020 “to assess the support available to journalists for their safety … Continue reading COVID-19 coverage: Survey shows poor safety of journalists

COVID-19: Food that boosts immunity

-By SDNonline reporter- As the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the world, and scientists are working to produce vaccines and drugs, experts have advised that people should focus on food that would boost their immune system to withstand the infection. At a webinar organized  by Ovie Brume Foundation, Youth Empowerment Foundation and … Continue reading COVID-19: Food that boosts immunity

COVID-19 Children Story Board

Though we are all affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the lockdown and resultant compulsory holiday mean different things to children. What are perspectives and the experience of the Coronavirus lockdown for the children? Here are some expressions and perspectives! Read on @ COVID-19 Children Story Board https://sdnonline.net/portfolio/story-board/