COVID-19 Children Story Board

Though we are all affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the lockdown and resultant compulsory holiday mean different things to children.

What are perspectives and the experience of the Coronavirus lockdown for the children? Here are some expressions and perspectives!

COVID-19: Mum now has time for us

By  Victor Onwubuariri

This compulsory corona holiday has made me read more and eat less. It has also made my mum to draw closer to her family. We now relate a lot, play games together and we even watch family movies together and have a lot of fun.

Before the outbreak of this pandemic, my mum was not chanced to play with us. She leaves the house very early in the morning and comes by 10pm by that time we are already asleep, but now we see her 24/7.

This holiday has affected my schooling, I don’t go to school anymore and I don’t like it, but there is a show shown on Wazobia TV at about 2:00pm. It teaches only WAEC students and I don’t understand what they are teaching as the topics look very complicated to me.

This holiday is also affecting my eating as I now eat twice a day and I am not comfortable with it. My mum said we have to manage food because we don’t know when this compulsory corona holiday would end. She says that we may not find food to eat if we are extravagant.

I suggest that the government should provide food for the less privileged because they can starve to death.

So my experience this holiday is that we students should study at all times and everyone should try not to be extravagant.

*Victor Onwubuariri is a SS1 student of St.Theresa Catholic College, Ifako Agege, Lagos.*


COVID-19: I miss school

By Michael Onwubuariri

These are the thing I do through out this compulsory corona holiday

* I do my house chores;

* I  do my (online) assignments from school;

*I arrange my clothes;

*I dress the bed.

I pray that this pandemic will go as fast as it came. I read a lot and eat less.

This compulsory corona holiday has affected my schooling. The WAEC students are not going  to write WAEC anymore

*Michael Onwubuariri is a JSS2 student of St. Theresa Catholic College, Ifako, Agege Lagos.*


COVID-19: My school activities on hold

By AJAYI Mi’aad Ooreoluwa

Corona Virus December 2019, also known as COVID-19 is a disease of advanced pneumonia. Its symptoms are coughing, sneezing and difficulties in breathing.

It originated from Wuhan in China and as at today it has touched every continents of the world with over 2.5 million people infected with the virus, while some have recovered some are dead. An example is late Mallam Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria. Countries that are badly affected by the virus include Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and United States of America.

COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria is blowing like air to the extent that more than 800 people have tested positive to the disease. On 27th February, 2020, Nigeria recorded her index case of the virus, the government immediately set up the presidential task force to curb the spread of the pandemic with the National Centre for Disease Control as its arrow head.

The world economy has been badly affected by the fast spreading disease and it has also been predicted that there may likely be a high rate of economic recession after the pandemic ends.

COVID-19 has affected my academic activities. The inter house sport competition organised by my school had to be cancelled. Our ongoing examination when the diseases broke out was postponed indefinitely. Also, the new term that is supposed to have commenced is delayed. 

To avoid COVID-19, one should wash hand regularly, avoid touching eye, nose and mouth with unsafe hands, maintain social distancing and most importantly stay at home as encouraged by the government. Corona virus has no respect for gender, age, religion and status.


* AJAYI Mi’aad Ooreoluwa is a JSS2 student of Aggrey Memorial Secondary School (AMESCO), Abeokuta, Ogun State.*


COVID 19 Holiday: An unforgettable experience

By Testimony Toluwani Oyesomi

COVID -19 is a disease that has spread all over the world killing a lot of people but some survived. This disease is attacking both young and old people, rich and poor. This disease also called Corona virus started in a city called Wuhan in China; it was discovered on December 30 2019. It has led to the closure of all schools, churches, banks, market, airport etc.

It has been an unforgettable experience since we were asked to stay at home effective from Monday, March 16, 2020 by the Federal Government because of Coronavirus pandemic and outbreak. I have been engaging myself in several activities that have been keeping me busy despite the holidays.       

My mummy and daddy have been keeping me busy with assignments especially in Mathematics, English, and Science. The Ogun state government created the Ogun Digi Class for primary and secondary schools every Monday to Friday at 9 00 am to 11.00 am. I have always been part of the class since it started. I also belong to an army that raises young children to be like Christ. We meet every Saturday and Sunday, through the online Zoom video.  I have been part of the programme which has been helping me in my spiritual life.

I am also a young presenter and anchor on Dynamic Talent, a programme on Hebron 95.9 FM, a radio station of Covenant University, Ota. It is a call in programme on Saturdays between 11am and I pm for children aged 5 to 16 years old and there are different segments, which include: Spelling, riddles solve it yourself questions and story segments. It has really been engaging and it has helped me in my skill development and has been building my self-confidence.

Despite the busy activities, I also watch movies and play games too.  I do also take a walk around my estate to keep fit always. I have been observing the preventing measures of daily washing of hands and using alcoholic hand based sanitizer. I also avoid touching my face especially my mouth, nose and eyes. My mummy has been very religious and always ensures I observe the precautionary measures this regularly especially when go out for a walk or go for my programme. I have also been helping in keeping the house clean by sweeping the floor and washing the plates. I am always in the kitchen when my mummy cooks. It is always a delicious meal and I cannot wait to start cooking too but I can cook indomie noodles and fry egg very well.

I hope to go back to school very soon and pray to God to heal our land and destroy the plague of coronavirus.

*Testimony Oyesomi, is a Primary 4 (Grade 5) pupil of Kingdom Heritage Model School, Ota, Ogun State.

…The impact, lessons of coronavirus

By Aileen ELILE

I will be writing about the Coronavirus disease that has been terrorizing the world since the beginning of this year.

The Coronavirus disease is caused by a virus called Corona virus which first broke out from a city in China called Wuhan in December 2019. The coronavirus is a deadly disease that spreads through droplets present from the coughing, sneezing from an infected person.

The droplets could be deposited on surfaces and spread onto other people that touch surfaces and then go on and touch their mouth, eyes and nose without washing their hands with soap and running water. People could also get infected if the droplets of an infected person come in direct contact with their mouths, eyes and noses.

When the virus enters the body through the mouth, eyes and nose, it begins to attack the respiratory system. Some of the symptoms of the coronavirus include cough, fever and difficulty in breathing. The coronavirus has killed over 150,000 people worldwide since it started, and it is still infecting more people till date. The coronavirus pandemic has also affected the world economy system with the ongoing lockdown around the world causing hardship for the people around the world living on daily income.

The only way to combat this pandemic is through preventing its spread because there is still no cure till date. Some ways to prevent the spread of this disease is by observing the below precautions:

  1. Social Distancing: Stay away from social gatherings and ensure at least a 1-meter distance between you and other people.
  2. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and sanitize regularly.
  3. Keep surfaces in your homes clean and sanitized
  4. Stay away from people who are exhibiting the coronavirus symptoms and call the 0800-CORONA helpline if someone you know is sick and having the symptoms.

The coronavirus disease has dealt a major blow to the world and I believe with the help of God, the world uniting against this virus, we will overcome this pandemic called COVID-19.

*Aileen Titilayo Elile is a Basic 6 pupil of Fieldgreen School in Amuwo Odofin Estate, Mile 2, Lagos.*


COVID-19: The lockdown challenges

By Adebayo Daniel Ayanfeoluwa

        This deadly pandemic disease originated in China having so many effect on the body such as coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath e.t.c which is called COVID-19 also known as corona virus.

         COVID-19 has had so many negative effects on especially places like U.S.A , China ,e.t.c it has cause the death of so many innocent lives and it has created the joblessness of most people due to the stay at home principle. It has also had effect in my studies and in my academic, the pandemic disease has delayed exams that are to be written such as the common entrance, WAEC, the junior NECO exams but this factors doesn’t stop us all from learning the interment hasn’t been shut down we all have the opportunity to learn online and even make money online.

         This virus has also increased the rate of  killings in Nigeria because an hungry man is an angry man since we all stay at home doing nothing being idle no job, no money, all these have increased the rate the rate of robbery, stealing, killings and so many other bad attitudes so that they could get money and live their lives the way they like.

           Corona virus has very few and positive effect in our lives; the good that I know COVID-19 has done for us is that it has allowed us to spend more time with our family.

            COVID-19 hasn’t really spread in Nigeria it hasn’t gotten up to a thousand , we still have the opportunity to stop this virus if our political leaders get serious the people of this nation and increase the facilities in the hospitals and together we can defeat this virus.

* Adebayo Daniel Ayanfeoluwa is JSS3 student of Saint Francis Catholic College. *

One thought on “COVID-19 Children Story Board”

  1. This initiative is a loudable one. The children have demonstrated with their skill a great potential of the talent they possessed. The organisers of the program should keep up the good work. My daughter took part in the exercise and I as her mentor have been able to assess my level of performance with what I read from her peers. They are all wonderful kids. Wishing them a brighter future.


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